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We had a very good “meet-up” yesterday at our office, and invited all our agents, and even outside agents to attend for discussion around our Espressor bar.. not a meeting or classroom, but rather a sharing of information about this topic.  Lots of ideas on the most effective ways of using a QR code, and how agents are utilitizing this latest technological tool.

One thing for certain… all these new devices… tablets, i-phones, Androids, Blackberrys and such, and social media…. are not going away any time soon… so you had better learn how to use them to your advantage.

You can have your QR code “point” to any website you choose..  Some agents are using them to point directly to their websites…others are having them point directly to a particular listing dislayed on the “For Sale’ sign.  Some suggested having it point to your “Fan page” on Facebook…  Agents are using them on their brochures, and newspapear advertising as well…

Retailers are also using them on their advertising … was scanning through a magazine yesterday and Tag Heuer had an ad in the magazine… and their was their QR code! Got my Android out, scanned the QR code… and in an instant I was connected to the website.

People are becoming more and more tech savvy.. especially the 20-45 age group who have a smartphone and know how to use it.   You can download free programs to your smartphone, that will read a QR code.

It is also a good idea to ensure your website is optimized for mobile applications.  This will ensure your website pops up on other devices with the whole page on their screen and is easily readable.

A perspective buyer drives past your listing… sees a QR code on the For Sale sign… pulls out his i-phone, Android of Blackberry, scans the code, and gets alll the information about the house, with all the photos….in an instant!  Its also a great tool to add to your listing presentation…. to enhance the marketeing of their home, making even more effective.

There are many free programs you can find on the internet to create your own QR Code….and you can have it point to your website, or any other URL of your choosing… its simple to do…  Here is just one of them:  http://www.mobile-barcodes.com/qr-code-generator/

Try downloading a reader on your smart phone and scan my QR Code… its amazing how fast it captures it… and opens the link right on your device!!


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