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Streetsville Real EstateFor those of you who have lived through the renovation process of a kitchen, in particular, you know how frustrating it can be… not to mention the inconvenience of not having a sink or stove.  Resorting to having to wash dishes in the laundry tub (thank goodness it is on the main level) and relying on either a hot plate, toaster oven or microwave to cook with, for 5 people!!

The company I contracted with instructed his sub contractor(in my presence) to leave the sink in as long as possible, and also the stove as I have 3 young children here and it would be helpful to me, the paying customer, to have some convenience for as long as possible especially over the weekend when no work would be done.   But of course, subcontractor have a mind of their own, and lo and behold, last Friday morning he rips out my sink and disconnects my gas stove leaving me the whole weekend with nothing!!

I am a single grandmother raising 3 small children, and have a nanny to feed also, so I have to somehow come up with something creative to eat at dinner for all of us.. It is challenging to say the least.  Although they installed plastic barriers to keep down the dust… it doesn’t work.  There is dust everywhere, so have to keep all my dishes covered which are now sitting on my kitchen table, which has been relocated to my family room.

Streetsville Real EstateAlthough they have time frame for this work that has been carefully planned, be aware for the unknown when they start demolishing your current kitchen. I’m going through that process now and I am having one wall pushed back about 2 feet to enlarge my kitchen and they found something rather worrisome.  One of my support walls was resting on a 2 x 4, and not being supported by any beam in the basement.  In fact my oversize refrigerator has been in that spot for 6 years now, and I’m fortunate my whole floor, and house has not collapsed.

So after the second day of renovations, its already costing me more money and an extra three days to fix the problem.  I’m trying to remain calm…. and keep focused on the end result.

So renovator.. beware… if you budget for $25K. be prepared for $30K.. and if they give you time frame of 3 weeks… expected 6 weeks as there are always problems that arise which will delay the project.

But I am hopeful.. and keeping my eye on the prize !! My beautiful new kitchen that I have been budgeting and planning for since I moved into this  house 6 1/2 years ago, now 24 years old…so it was time.


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