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There is nothing quite as valuable as having an experienced real estate agent representing you when buying or selling real estaste to have that slight advantage.  They say that knowledge is King.. but knowledge AND experience are a good marriage.

I was working with a young couple looking for that perfect home.  Unfortunately, they could not agree on a house that both liked.  We started looking in one specific area of the city, but soon found out that the kind of home they really wanted was out of their price range.  The geographic search area had to be changd, and so the hunt continued.

I expanded my auto email search to include the entire city, which meant they would receive new listings that fell within their search criteria automatically in their in box.  It would also include any price changes to properties that prior were listed slightly higher than their budget, but now because of a price adjustment, fell into their price range.

We saw many suitable homes, suitable that is for one of them, but not suitable for the other.. And on it went.. house after house… couldn’t quite find that certain one that got them both excited.

After looking at about 25 homes, I had another outing scheduled for one Saturday afternoon to view 5 more properties.  I had been checking for new listings 3 times daily to ensure I was not missing anything. The night before, I checked the new listings again and came across something that looked really nice so printed it off and brought it with me.  After viewing all the homes on the list we took a break and went for a coffee.  My clients were reviewing the listings and noticed the one I printed off and asked to see it.

We got a confirmation for the appointment and off we went.  Well, much to my amazement, they both really liked the house!!  The home was in mint condition, and showed very well.  There was a bustle of activity on the property, agents lining up to show this home.  I had printed off a blank offer form and had it with me and my clients decided to submit an offer.  Back to their house we went where I completed the paperwork, registered the offer, and spoke with the agent.  I was back up to the house within minutes, trying to present the offer during an open house the agent had scheduled.

We sat down to present the offer and were interrupted numerous times by people coming in so we had to stop, put the paper work away while potential buyers came through.  I had asked my clients to sit in front of the house to be available in the event any changes were made to the offer by the Seller so we could address it immediately, before any other offers came in.  My clients came in during the open house and I pulled them aside.  I wanted to give them an opportunity to make changes to the offer as I knew by all the activity, this house was going to sell very quickly.  They revised the offer and we all went back to the negotiating table.

After reviewing the offer the sellers had a brief private dicussion with their agent, then came back and told us they had accepted our offer!

IF…. I had not checked for new listings the night before… and IF I had not brought a blank offer form with me… and IF I had not asked my clients to be available in front of the house… they proably would have missed out, OR been in competition with other offers AND could potentially been forced to pay over the asking price to secure the offer.   It all comes down to experience…

Referrals are probably still the best way to hire an agent.  If you do your job well, clients will not hesitate to refer you to their friends or family.  Referrals are a large part of my business … Service, Experience and Integiry in EVERY real estate transaction.


I live and work in STREETSVILLE and have a vested interest in property values here. Are you considering buying or selling or know anyone who is? Give me a call for a complimentary evaluation of your home in this changing market. (416) 717-6331.

When you choose me to handle your real estate needs, you are choosing a real estate professional who cares about you and your family, and who will listen to your needs, work together with you, and protecting your intersts to achieve your objectives.

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