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Last year I attended our 2012 “kickoff” sales meeting and having attended numerous meetings such as these in the past, thought it was going to be the typical “Rah-Rah” atmosphere, but I was pleasantly surprised.  At the meeting was a keynote speaker from Nova Scotia named Eddie Lemoine. Eddie has the ability to resonate with his audience with a sincere and forthright manner in which he engages with people.  He is insightful, collaborative and a great motivator. Eddie is the author of a book entitled “Bring About What You Think About” a practical guide to attracting the life you desire.

I left the meeting with a whole new way of thinking and immediately changed my thought process to thinking what I wanted to happen in my life.  I purchased his book before I left the meeting.Streetsville Real Estate

In the book he relates that the way we think is by far the most powerful tool for bringing success, abundance, health and happiness into one’s life.  It all starts with your thoughts.. “You can never achieve a positive outcome while filling your mind with negative thoughts.”  Quite often  we create thought patterns that are self-defeating… i.e. “If I lose weight, I’ll gain it all back,” or “the market is not busy, that’s I’m not making any money,” “she’s really good at, and I’m not.”

He related some examples of the power of positive thinking in events that occurred in his own life, just by changing the way he thought and it was impressive to say the least.

About three days after the meeting one of my clients called me to ask about a property he was interested in about 6 months ago that I had listed.  He sat on the fence and missed out on this property and asked me what the new owner had done with it.  It was a commercial property, and I had driven past it a few days prior and nothing had been done.  He asked if thought they might want to sell it.   I called the agent who represented the Buyer and asked if her client would consider selling the property.  Coincidentally, she told me that she and her client had been discussing it recently and were thinking about listing it. I called my client back and told him that they were interested in selling it.  He instructed me to prepare an offer.  I met with him later that day, got the offer signed, faxed it to the agent, and a few hours later, we had an accepted offer!

When I was hosting an open house yesterday I brought the book with me in the event it was slow.  I started to read the book and it truly enlightened me to the way of changing my thought process.  I had read about 3 chapters and I was in a very positive frame of mind, and had tuned my thought into selling the house, rather than just sitting there while people strolled about.  I left the open house when it was over and was just pulling into my driveway and my phone rang.  It was one of the women who had come into the open house and she said she had been thinking about the house and wanted to submit an offer!  I prepared the offer, went to see her to get it signed, and presented it later that evening.  We negotiated the contract which was ultimately accepted!

coincidence?  Perhaps, but I do believe in the power of positive thinking, and we can all learn to “Bring About What We Think About” by merely changing our thought process..

If you are looking for a truly inspirational key-note speaker who can hold he audience’s attention, who is engaging with his forthright delivery, has the ability to engage his audience, making them laugh with his life experiences, you need to call Eddie.  Visit his webpage http://www.eddielemoine.com/content/home for more information.


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