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Phographic Tour of Streetsville…

Streetsville has some of the oldest historical buildings in Mississauga. Here are just a few of those beautiful character buildings we still enjoy today…. Walking along Main Street, you can see the charm and character that still remains, past The Cenotaph, the Old School House and the Anglican church, it is a truly nostalgic walk in history which makes living in Streetsville such a sought after place to live.

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Streetsville is a unique pocket nestled within the north west part of the city of Mississauga. It is referred to as “the village in the city” and occupies the west and east  banks of the Credit River, with the majority located on the   west bank. Streetsvilleis known for its wonderful schools,  and its family friendly, safe neighbourhood environment.

Streetsville offers a wide variety of home types from bungalows, semi-detached, condominiums, and tonwhomes.  The majority of homes in Streetsville are detached. Property values in this quaint  community range from $350,000 up to $1,200,000 +… making it a wonderfully affordable place for a variety of families to live.

Streetsville has a population of about 55,600.  In 1974 a number of communities were amalgamated, and Mississauga became a city. The last Mayor of Streetsville, Hazel McCallion who served from 1970 to 1973, then became the third mayor of Mississauga.  As of March, 2010, Mayor McCallion still occupies that office, and she lives in Streetsville.

Streetsville has a number of popular community events such as the   The Bread and Honey Festival in June, and the poplular annual Santa Clause Parade on Queen Street.

Although the former village is surrounded by modern suburban development, it seeks to keep a “small town” charm by retaining a variety of historical buildings and

Public Utilities Building

streetscapes. As part of this attempt to maintain a separate identity from the larger city, the names of several main Mississauga roads, as they pass through Streetsville, revert to what they were called when Streetsville was an independent village. These include Mississauga Road and Bristol Road, which revert to Queen Street and Main Street respectively. Other main thoroughfares that cross Streetsville include Creditview Road, Eglinton Avenue and Britannia Road.

Streetsville Real Estate1821, Streetsville’s first general store, now known as Montreal House, was built, and still stands. Another landmark, Timothy Street’s house, was built in 1825 and is one of the oldest brick houses in Peel Region.

In 1855, William Graydon and Peter Douglass built a large brick building, and sold it in 1859 to Bennet Franklin, a partner in Barber Brothers Toronto Woollen Mills. It became known as Franklin House. In 1910, under new ownership, the name was changed to the Queen’s Hotel. Although it ceased to operate as a hotel when its public room was closed with the enforcement of the Canada Temperance Act, it continued to be used for commercial purposes. At present, it has been designated under the terms of the Ontario Heritage Act and protected by a heritage easement, and now houses a restaurant and a variety of small businesses and offices.

In 1858, Streetsville was incorporated as a village. Timothy Street’s son, John, was the first reeve.

For the next century, Streetsville largely existed as a long narrow village with all of its shops, three churches, the cenotaph and the library located on Queen Street, which ran between the Credit River and the railway track.