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Providing great service to each and every one of my clients is first and foremost to me… and should be to all agents.  When my clients are happy, I am happy and it provides me with a great sense of satisfaction of a job well done. Streetsville Real Estate

When asked of clients to name the most important criteria to them, most of them say they are looking for a high level of service. Service, Service, Service!  That’s all they want.  They want an agent wo will answer their calls promptly, provide them with updates on showings and provide answers to their questions.   They want an agent they can rely on, who will focus on their needs and not just take the listing and never be heard from again.   It is also what I expect as a consumer.

When a Broker receives a complaint from a consumer about the lack of service provided by their agent, the Broker should be calling the agent in to address those concerns.   Sometimes it all comes down to communication, or the lack thereof between the client and the agent.  It is sp important to keep the communication flowing, so you know if you failing to meet their requirements.  And sometimes, you just can’t please anybody no matter how hard you try!

If the agent does not improve after a reasonable length of time, they are invited to move to another brokerage as they are failing to provide the level of service my office expects from their agents.

Streetsville Real EstateWe must all be accountable ….  it is a no brainer, because I pride myself in providing a high level of service one would expect, and deserve from a real estate professional.  For others it is a learning experience and an opportunity for them to raise the bar….

I am so lucky to be working with a great broker, and a great group of colleagues.   My office scored an overall client satisfaction rating of 98%, which is quite remarkable….

Remember, providing OUTSTANDING service is the most important thing to clients… and reaps rewards back to you in the way of referrals!!

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I live and work in STREETSVILLE and have a vested interest in property values here. Are you considering buying or selling or know anyone who is? Give me a call for a complimentary evaluation of your home in this changing market. (416) 717-6331.

When you choose me to handle your real estate needs, you are choosing a real estate professional who cares about you and your family, and who will listen to your needs, work together with you, and protecting your intersts to achieve your objectives.

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I am the proud recipient of the Quality Service Certified Platinum award for outstanding serivce to my clients – a rating of 100%