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A few years ago, I had a house listed , and after having 25 showings, still had not received a single offer.   Although I had made some recommendations to the seller myself on how she could make it more saleable, it was all too overwhelming for my client who was very stressed after just losing her job and really needed to sell her home.

I called a stager to come and see the home and to give my client some recommendations on how to change a few things, with little or no expense to transform her home to show at its absolute best.  STREETSVILLE REAL ESTATE

The stager suggested painting 2 areas of the house, along with a few other things, moving pieces of furniture around, de-cluttering, etc.  My client, although a bit overwhelmed, dug in and started on a mission to complete all the things on the list.

Because my client had just lost her job and was having some financial difficulties, I knew she could not afford to buy the paint, so I offered to buy the paint for her and she was so grateful.

I could see was extremely stressed out worrying about her finances  and I felt very bad for her.. so I  thought a beautiful bouquet of flowers might cheer her up,  and also, they could be displayed at her public open house I had scheduled that weekend.  She was so grateful for both the paint, but especially the flowers… that someone actually took the time to do something nice for her.  Let’s face it, every woman I know loves receiving flowers.. it just brightens up their day.

Well a few days later, after the painting had all been completed,   I was lazing about on a gloomy, cloudy day, and my pager goes off!  An offer was registered on the property!!! After one sign back, by the seller, it was accepted .

House inspection was completed in a few days,  and both the financing and inspection waivers are in and it sold FIRM!!

I’m not sure who felt better about the paint and flowers, me or my client, but one good turn deserves another, and what you give to others comes back to you ten fold.  My client is ecstatic and that’s ALL the thanks I need!!

Its amazing how little it takes to put a smile on someone’s face.  Have you performed a random act of kindness today?  Do it.. it will make you feel amazing!


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