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I don’t know if the rest of you have noticed that customer service is not what is used to be.  I have been noticing a steady decline recently in many areas and have had some bad experiences where I have had to fight for my rights when clearly the retailer or service provider was completely wrong and would not admit their error.

It all started with my new kitchen last January.  Cupboards were great, but the installation company made several mistakes when installing my Quartz ($$$$) countertop.  They bored the hole for the faucet too close to the backsplash as well as the soap dispenser, and didn’t cut the sink opening according to the sink manufacturer’s guideline.

To me, as a consumer the mistakes they made were quite evident, yet when I called the installation company and the owner came by to have a look he claimed they did nothing wrong and he refused to remedy any of it.  In fact, he told me it had nothing to do with them… Really??? I mean really???? They are the ones who cut the hole, and by the way they are supposed to ask their customer where they want the faucet positioned before drilling the hole, and also what kind of opening I would like on my sink.. i.e. a reveal or 1/8″ overlap.  I was present during the entire installation and when I did go to them to instruct them where I wanted the faucet, they had already drilled the hole..

In another conversation he told me I “was being too picky!”  Seriously?  When I spend $5,000 on a countertop I think I have the right to be picky and expect a professional job.

Well after many emails, phone calls etc that were being ignored, I called the President of the company that manufactures the Quartz and he finally got it resolved for me and the installation company is coming out next week to remove a portion of my countertop to re-work the sink opening..  Only took me 5 months to get this resolved..

Just over a year ago I purchased all new appliances, a beautiful french door stainless steel refrigerator… but after only having it for six months, I started experiencing trouble with the ice maker.  They came out to service it and all was fine… for another month or two then the trouble reappeared.

Another service call… more waiting and rescheduling my time… “we’ll be out anywhere form 12-6.” Once again they came out decided it required yet another part… more waiting for the part, then more rescheduling, more waiting….. waiting….

After 5 or 6 attempts (I lost count after a while) they came out again and announced that yet another part was required and this time it involved welding… What?   No way is anyone going to put a blow torch inside my refrigerator.. not to mention I considered they had made sufficient attempt to resolve the issues, all of which failed. Luckily for me I had purchased the extended warranty so these service calls were not costing me anything in terms of money but it did consume a lot of my time.

I wanted a new refrigerator!! After many “discussion” with the customer service department they finally conceded that it was not cost effective any longer to try and repair it, they were giving me a full refund of the cost of the refrigerator and the extended warranty.  Great!!

My excitement was short lived… Although I must say the retailer provided me with outstanding service, it was the delivery company who they outsource that kept  giving me “agita.”  Upon arrival they decided they couldn’t get the fridge in my front door that it would have to be taken in by the patio around the back.  Fine.. I didn’t have a problem with that.  But.. unfortunately, the delivery guys don’t take doors off, the home owner has to do that.

Okay, so I called the store, and they then made arrangement for another delivery company to come out the next day and remove my patio doors and move the fridge into the house.  They arrived the next day… and I was told that they don’t remove doors and they would not, or could not do it.  After calling the store yet again, they said don’t worry, we fill call yet another delivery company who WILL remove your doors for you and deliver your fridge.

On the morning of the delivery, well, you know what I’m going to say next, right?  Yep, the store called to say the delivery company had misunderstood, and in fact they would not remove the doors for me.

Grrrrrr!!! This went on for more than 3 weeks…another delivery attempt, and once again I was told the fridge wouldn’t fit.. and no attempt was made to get it in despite they had at least a 1 ” clearance….And, by the way, it is the same size as the fridge I have in my kitchen….and they couldn’t get it in??? all the while I have no ice in my ice maker in the midst of a record breaking heat wave!!

Okay, so I told the store I would remove the other exterior door was in my laundry room which was slightly wider than my front door.  The delivery people called and told me they were on their way… I had removed the screen door the night before, and the interior laundry door too.  I loosened the pins on the exterior door to ensure I could remove it quickly when they came.

When they arrived they started removing the doors off the new fridge (which was expected as they had to do that when they delivered my original fridge) and put them on my deck.. they also removed the freezer bin… When I spoke with one of the delivery men and told them, they also had to remove the existing fridge, he said he couldn’t do that as that directive was not in his paperwork.  I told him it should have been as that was the arrangement the store made.

I promptly called the store and they confirmed that they delivery people were instructed to remove the existing fridge.. The salesperson asked to speak to one of the delivery guys.. When I went looking for them outside… they had pushed the new refrigerator back into my garage, left the gigantic cardboard box in the middle of my driveway, left the doors, and freezer bins on my back deck and … TOOK OFF !!!

I called the store again, and relayed what had happened… and by this time there was smoke coming-out the top of my head…. I told them that if someone was not out here in the next 30 minutes (oh, and by the way I had remove call the food from my refrigerator and freezer which was sitting on my counter) to get this fridge inside amy home…they could take it back, provided me a refund and I would go elsewhere to purchase it.

Called the store, and the manager of the appliance department grabbed two guys off the floor and personally came and brought my new fridge into my house, set it all up and removed my old refrigerator out in to the garage to pickup at a later date.  Now that is great customer service!!

As for the delivery people, I will be calling the owner to file a complaint against these two guys whose behaviour was beyond belief and very unprofessional.


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