The real estate industry sometimes uses language that appears at first glance to be clear, but do you as a consumer know what some terms really mean? At first glance, the words “Client” and “Customer” seem pretty clear-cut, but they mean completely different things to a REALTOR®. It also means a tremendous difference in how seriously you are taken as a Buyer.

Think we’re splitting hairs? The words “Client” and “Customer” and the way they relate to the REALTOR® as individuals make a tremendous difference in the types and level of service you receive. After you read why, you’ll know absolutely whether you want to be one or the other.

First, let’s start with a little history. REALTORS® have always worked with home Sellers to list their homes for sale on the market. Along with this service comes the responsibility to advertise the homes, network with other REALTORS® to find…

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