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LOG HOMEWhat is the mental image you see when you think of a log home?  Is it a small one room crudely constructed log cabin where the early pioneers and settlers lived in the open spaces? Not any more!! Log homes are both beautiful in design with loads of curb appeal, and offer many benefits of modern style and elegance, along with character and charm.

Have you ever considered buying a log home?  Like most home purchases, it is a very important financial decision, but along with that, it could also be a very important environmental decision. There has been a surge in interest in building “green” because they are environmentally friendly and healthier, and more cost efficient to operate.

Log homes are unique in design and appearance and among the most beautiful homes you will find.  The curb appeal of well designed and constructed log home can increase the value and grow your investment, and some people are willing to pay a premium to purchase one.

Many people have traced their desire to live in a log home to a feeling of comfort and well-being… perhaps to an early childhood memory of spending days at the cottage, or a more recent experience of visiting someone who lives in a log home and has experienced their charm, warmth and ambiance. It is difficult to match the beauty, comfort and security of a log home.  It is an escape to peace and serenity that nature provides us and enables us to relax and appreciate what surrounds us. A truly well-built log home offers a blend of executive amenities with charm, warmth and character.

A log home is one that will never go out of style because of its special quality and people enjoy in living in one because it is built from natural materials.  The wood brings a sense of security, and serenity and certainly an obvious choice for those who appreciate nature and a home that fits naturally into the surroundings. Log homes are a unique in style and living experience and have a very pleasing ambiance.  Generally, people who have created an ideal place to live in have done so because it is where they want to remain for a long time.

The National Association of Home Builders, report that green built homes now account for more than 10% of new construction and 33% of new home builders expect to be involved in green building to some degree.  In addition to being the only major building material that’s renewable and sustainable over the long-term, it is superior to steel and cement in almost every environmental impact category.

Log homes are extremely durable, and stand up exceptionally well to the elements.  Log buildings are some of the oldest structures, still occupied in North America and modern technologies have made them even more durable and long-lasting.

Even though log homes are typically custom-built homes, they compromise one of the fastest growing segments of the real estate market..  and because of supply and demand, are highly likely to appreciate in value. In addition to their popularity, they have superior craftsmanship which also contributes to their higher resale value.

A typical home uses processed lumber in its construction, but log homes are constructed of natural and renewable materials that are inherently environmentally friendly and durable. Traditionally built homes with their hollow walls, make it difficult to detect problems such as insects, or mould.  That problem does not exist in a log home, as you can check the logs around the perimeter of your home by simply walking around and checking the condition of the logs.

Log homes are extremely energy-efficient homes because of their solid wood construction.  They keep heat it during the winter months, and during the summer month keep heat out. Because of they are constructed of solid logs, they make an efficient sound barrier from the exterior, and also from the inside, from room to room. Wood breathes and absorbs water vapour during humid conditions and releases it in dry conditions. They even filter our pollutants.

Heating and cooling a log home can be up to 15% more energy-efficient than the same system in a similar traditional wood frame home.  Adding thermal efficient windows will also add to their efficiency.  Logs should be a minimum of 6’-8” thick for maximum efficiency.

You may find this hard to believe, but log home are more fire resistant than traditional wood frame homes and are less likely to experience major fire damage. Because logs are solid in construction and have no air pockets, they burn slowly and smoulder similar to logs burning in a fireplace, and because logs have no hollow space they do not allow flames to spread quickly through the wall and burn large areas, and usually create only a surface burn.  Of course, wood is not fireproof, but a log home will burn at a much slower rate than a traditional wood frame home, and will buy extra time to control the fire and move to safety.

Is a log home in your future?


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