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After the New Year, in mid January when speaking with people to discuss the sale of their home, I often hear “we want to wait until Spring to list our home.” I would recommend listing it at the end of January or mid February and here is why.

SOLDBuyers and Sellers are all aware that the Spring market is often a very busy time in the world of Real Estate. They often think of selling at the time of year hoping their home will sell quickly, and for a summer closing so they can move into their new home in time for the new school year.  It is also a time when there is usually an abundance of homes on the market for buyers to choose from, which could have a negative effect on the Seller.

One other very important factor that Sellers do not often take into consideration is that it also means that there is more competition for the Seller, where pricing the home accurately is more important than ever.

Having several other listings in your neighbourhood which are competing with yours, may create a situation where it could take longer than usual to sell your home. This is also when curb appeal, and first impressions are critical.

Remember, it only takes a Buyer 6 seconds to form an impression once they step over the threshold into your front door.

Sellers should consider placing their home on the market before the Spring rush as a selling good strategy when there are the least amount of homes on the market that could be in competition with theirs.

There are still an abundance of Buyers looking to purchase a home, before the busy Spring market, making it a supply and demand situation. This supply and demand could also, in some situations, create a multiple offers for the Seller.

What you don’t want is a real estate agent using your home to sell the one down the street, the home that is priced more accurately, has more to offer and shows to perfection!


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