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How often do you take things for granted?  Little insignificant things that you do every day without a second thought…. How often do you take a moment to truly appreciate what we have, and feel blessed because we have it?  We stop and take notice when something happens to make us dependent on others for the most menial tasks that we took for granted..

When i returned home from hospital several years ago after back surgery, (I had a two herniated disks, a double decompression of L4 & L5)) I returned home with a greater appreciation of my independence, or lack thereof. Back injuries affect your every movement and I was humbled at how important our backs truly are and what a significant role they play in our daily life.

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While in hospital I had the nursing staff there to attend to my every need, however when I returned home it was a different world!  I am a Senior, live alone, with no spouse, and only my three very young grandchildren. I had to hire a caregiver to assist me in the morning to get the children their breakfast and walk them to the school bus, then attend to my needs. She left at 10:00 and I was alone, confined to my bed until 3:00 when the nanny arrived to care for the children.  I had to ensure the morning caregiver left me a sandwich and sufficient to drink near my bedside where I could access it.

My surgery reduced my physical abilities more than I could have ever comprehended…and little challenges presented themselves on a daily basis. I had the TV remote, my portable home phone, cell phone, and laptop on my bed.  The night table held my medications and enough water or juice to last the day.  I was restricted to not bending or twisting my back.

  • I could not roll over in bed without assistance
  • I could not get out of bed without assistance
  • I could not take a shower without help and a stool to sit on in the shower stall
  • I could not wash myself as I could not bend or twist
  • I could not walk without the use of a walker, which meant I was confined to the upper level of the house unless there was someone to carry the walker down for me
  • Dropping the remote control was a challenge
  • Trying to reach the cell phone, an inch out of my reach was fun
  • Using a chair in the shower as I could not stand without support
  • I needed  assistance washing myself and my hair
  • I needed assistance getting dried off, and dressed.
  • Trying to get the toothpaste on the brush with one hand, while I supported myself on the counter with the other hand was challenging
  • I could not bend so it was a challenge to get dressed and I had to get very creative!
  • I could not comb or style my hair with one hand, as I needed the other one to support myself.

Well, you get the picture, I’m sure.

I have a greater appreciation of good health and the gift of independence that it allows. The surgery was successful and I am happy to report I have made a full recovery and I am now free of pain with full mobility restored.

Think about and appreciate your blessings each day…. You never know when they could be taken from you, AND take care of your back.. make sure your lift things properly and don’t over exert it!!  Take good care it, and it will take care of you!


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