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house inspectedBuyers and Sellers have evolved into savvy people thanks to the many positive changes in our industry, and thanks to the internet which give us information at our fingertips at a click of a button.

When I first got into real estate back in 1987, house inspections were rarely performed, at least where I was living.  It was very rare to even see a lockbox on the property.  Back then I had to travel to each office prior to showing the properties to get each key for the houses I was showing.  After I showed the properties to my clients, I then had to return them to each individual brokerage office.  This made it very inconvenient and restricted other agents from showing the property, as they had to wait until the keys were returned.

Having lockboxes installed on the doors made this process much easier to show the property, and beneficial to the Seller as now all the agents had instant access to the property without having to wait for the keys.  Lockboxes are coded, and when an agent calls the listing brokerage office to request an appointment the code is provided to that agent only.  No one else has access to the code, making it a relatively safe and efficient system.

Back in the 80’s, The Real Estate Board issued books once a week with listings to review and show our clients.. Of course, no interior photos, just a black and white of the front exterior of the house and a very brief description.  How things have changed! Now with colour photos of the interior, and virtual tours, potential buyers can actually see the entire home as if they were inside already.

I have noticed a shift now, where many savvy home owners are having a house inspection performed prior to listing their property.  This serves two functions.

  • One is the Seller can identify any deficiencies and correct them, and
  • two, it helps facilitate a firm sale much faster when the inspection report is made available to the buyer immediately, along with any receipts for any repairs that were completed that were identified in the inspection report.

This also applies to Well Water Testing and Septic Inspections when dealing with country properties. Its not an expensive item, and having those documents available, just might make potential buyers move forward with submitting an offer, and remove any doubts they may have about the property.


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